1 Join SHADE workspace on Slack

Create a Slack account and join the dedicated SHADE workspace. In addition to email, the T&E team will use Slack as a primary means for communication. The workspace is also intended to facilitate collaboration and communication among performer teams.

2 Fill out onboarding survey

This survey is intended to collect contact information for members of each performer team and to assess technical needs/requirements, particularly for those who will use TACC resources. 

3 Sign up for TACC account

Request a TACC portal account.

Fill out the form at https://bit.ly/3qpHAwf with your TACC ID. This will ensure you are added to the correct project and have access to SHADE Gym AI resources. Sending a Slack message to the T&E team will expedite account verification and approval.

After your accounted has been approved, set up multi-factor authentication following the instructions here. This is required to log in to TACC systems.

4 Join SHADE Github

A Github organization has been created for the SHADE program:


Send a Slack message with your Github ID to the T&E team in the #infrastructure channel and we will add you to the organization.